Work From Home Starter Guide for Filipinos

Where to Apply

  2. FB Groups
    1. Online Filipino Freelancers aka OFF

(Also has tips and inspirational stories.  I used to browse this group all the time for inspiration c: )


(be super careful in this one, less bantay ung admin, #1 pa rin ang OFF)

  1. Upwork Pilipinas – Freelancers

(be super careful in this one, less bantay ung admin, #1 pa rin ang OFF)

  1. Upwork
    1. Only apply to those with Verified Payment
    2. Be sure to Complete the Upwork Readiness Test and actually absorb the information before getting started so you AVOID GETTING SCAMMED.

4. Fiverr

I think this is the best video for Fiverr account tips.

This one is pretty comprehensive, too.


  1. Know your niche/specialty. For example: Photo/video editing, copywriting, social media management, programmer, etc. and Apply to jobs from there.
    1. Better to develop and focus kesa ung mga, “general virtual assistant,”
    2. Tendency if General Virtual assistant is they’ll make you do too many things
  2. Stable, fast internet connection
  3. Comp with specs fit sa job. Usually i3 and above or ung AMD equivalent ideal for Admin work. 
  4. Webcam, 
  5. Noise-cancelling headset (optional depending on the role, but ideal for interviews and meetings)
  6. Create your online portfolio or like a blog/site to showcase work/projects you’ve done in the past.
    1. My “Portfolio” is a Google drive folder with projects, my resume, and a video introduction of myself and what I do;
    2. For the Video introduction of yourself, it should highlight past experiences, skills, etc.
    3. When applying, it’s best to customize the video to each role
  7. Personalize your pitch/cover letter per application sa

YouTube Channels

These are my go-to ones to learn from or get inspiration from:

TOP 2: These 2 Online Work for Filipino Gurus (well three kasi si Sir Dave and si Ma’am Weng ang nagcocontribute sa Online Jobs Philippines) are SUPER generous with their information.  They walk you through the exact steps and actual jobs that they have.

Nakakainspire pa na Tagalog ung mga videos nila kasi gusto nilang tulungan umasenso ang mga kapwa nilang Pinoy. ❤ 


Payment Platforms

  1. Wise : How I get paid currently.  This is by far the best platform to get paid on because it always offers the highest exchange rate, especially compared to PayPal. 
  2. Payoneer : One way to transfer from Fiverr.
    1. Note: Minimum amount to be able to withdraw is USD 50.
  3. Paypal : Usually the easiest way to get paid from UpWork.  One hack is to Cash In via your PayPal account in GCash.  This is a faster way to get paid.  


  1. Never pay for any application/give any IDs
  2. Never do free work
  3. Don’t go for commission-based only
  4. Best to apply to those that are at least $4/hour pataas; never lower than that;

If you have any questions, feel free to comment them down below 🙂

P.S. If you’re looking to hire a virtual assistant to assist your business with TikTok/IG Reels or Lead Generation Consultation, you may reach out to me via Upwork by clicking here.

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