Keychron K10 Unboxing and Quick Review

I purchased this in the Official Keychron Shopee Mall here, but you can also get it in the Official Keychron Store in Lazada LazMall here.

Keychron K10 Unboxing feat. ASMR Typing ⌨️ ⌨️ Purchased from the Keychron Philippines Shopee Mall ⌨️ Ordered on November 6th, received November 9th, 2021 ⌨️ Keychron K10 Mechanical Keyboard (Full 104 Keys, Wired/Bluetooth, White LED, Gateron, Hot-Swap) ⌨️ featuring my new felt/cork mousepad #keychron #keychronphilippines #keychronunboxing #keychronmechanicalkeyboard #mechanicalkeyboard #workstation #workfromhome

I’ve been using this since November 2021 (I’m typing this as of April 19th, 2022) and I still love this baby.

Perfect for those who need a num pad, and red keys if you want silent stock keys. I personally hated the ABS stock keycaps though since it left oil marks like no tomorrow, so I opted for this minimalist PBT Keycaps:

Minimalist PBT Keycaps

I also supported local and bought this beautiful Palawan inspired, handmade resin keycap for my escape key…get it? haha

Palawan inspired keycap

I’ve used the Keychron K10 for both a Windows laptop and my M1 Macbook Air, and it works seamlessly on both; it just takes some time to get used to the different key placements. The bluetooth connects quickly, especially on the Mac.

Where to buy these?

Keychron K10 Mechanical Keyboard, Full 104 Keys, Wired/Bluetooth, White LED, Gateron, Hot-Swap:
Lazada LazMall:
Shopee Mall:

Minimalist PBT Keycaps with Side-Engraving:

Palawan Inspired Resin Keycap:

I hope you enjoyed! If you found this helpful, feel free to leave a comment below or message me on Instagram 🙂

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