Fall is officially here which means fashion week is almost over (sad face!)  I know most of you reading this probably can’t afford any of these looks you see on the runway– shit I sure can’t!! But I personally like to stay up to date with the latest trends and colors that desginers are feeling for the season and use that as inspiration.

What I like to do is see all the latest looks, have some visual inspiration, and when I have some free time I go to my local thrift/ Goodwill store and find similar items that remind me of the latest trends!

People never even guess that I bought my stuff for 90% of the price. It’s my little secret shhhhh.

After some intense creeping on certain Models shoutout to Gigi and Bella!! I gathered some of my favorite fashion week pictures for spring/ summer 2020. You can find these looks broken down by runway show locations: New York, Lonson, Milan and Paris


Animal prints and tecturea are still in and I am SOOOO about it! And can we acknowledge the low v/ u cuts and off the shoulder look? Love love love it!
I can’t not acknowledge this look…. if you haven’t seen the Savage X Fenty show on Amazon Prime YOU HAVE TO. It was seriously amazing. Not to mention Bella looked like an actual Egyption Godess…. bow down peasants!


These colors are everything…. these earthy tones are perfect for the spring season or any season really. You can also see the off the shoulder and low cut tops present here too. It gives a really free-spirit earth child kind of vibe AKA me

Am I the only one who totally gets a 90 vibe from these looks? I’m especially loving the look second to the right with the neon bralette, capris and see through pants. This is a new style for me that I haven’t tried rocking but definetly will now that I’ve seen how good it looks.

Clearly see-through/ transparent wear is in SS 2020, and I’m liking that they still incorporate clothes underneath cause this is the only way ya girl is showing anything!


UMMMMM k. Obviously Bella looks stunning and she could just be making it look way cuter because she is cute but I love this open back, fitted, textured jumpsuit. Not to mention the ruffles at the top which adds such a girly flair to it. I don’t know about the comfort on this thing but looks wise 10/10.


MATCHING SETS ARE BACK BABY! If I could pick one fashion trend that I’m obsessed with it has to be matching sets. There’s nothing that says perfectly paired than a matching set! Lol. I love the colors too, especially the yellow and royal blue for spring time.

I also love how they gave you options in the style so you can wear the crop style on a night out with the girls, or the green set to work. More of this please!!

These blocky colors are everything. The forest green and baby doll pink are classic colors that look amazing with black. I think this blocky/ spagetti/ shoulder strap is lovely! I really hope there will be a cheaper version of this dress.. (lmk if you find it, I’ll do the same!)

Ok so this is not really a legit outfit picture but did you see this video of the show? I am loving what these designers/ artists are doing lately with the fashion/ music/ entertainment combination. It’s seriously so cool and really works with what they’re trying to promote.

If you haven’t seen the video of the models getting dressed DURING the fashion show, you can watch it here.

Until next time fashion week!

I’ve gotta say, the SS 2020 looks are one of my favorites in a while. I think because of the nostalgia it brings from the 90s and the earthy tones that are flaterring on everyone.

I hope these pictures inspire your fashion for spring and summer 2020! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the pictures above or just about fashion week in general.

And if you attended any of the shows I’d love to see pictures!!!! It is a dream of mine to go to one and would love to hear any tips/ must go-to shows!

Ciao! Xoxo

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