If you’re looking for ideas for gists 20 somethings would love, I have some great suggestions for you! Yes these are all things I would personally really enjoy getting. But I also think these are all helpful, useful, and entertaining gifts that 20 somethings will for sure use!

Indoor Plant

Ok so I’ve recently become a Plant Mom to multiple plants and it is so fun! Owning a plant is very rewarding, and kind of gives you a little tiny glimpse into parenthood… it’s odly satisfying. Something to keep in mind is that you don’t need to have a green thumb!! There are plenty of “beginner” plants that almost like being neglected. Succulents, cacti or even Pothos plants are great plants that require little attention and MAYBE bi weekly watering.

Not to mention that a lot of plants purify your living spaces and brings you joy to watch them grow! You can find plants on Amazon or even at your local Home Depot, Lowes or Walmart!

Bar Essentials 

This is a given for anyone that is 21+ and enjoys a good cocktail! Although a 20-something may still be in the stage of sharing an apartment (me) or living with their rents to save money, a bar essentials kit like a cocktail shaker and mudder is such a fun gift!

Also, if your 20-something is an extrovert, or you know they love having people over to get together, this is a great way for them to show off their adulting skills! Another cool addition to this gift is a cute cocktail recipe book! There’s plenty out there, but here’s a cute one I found on Amazon.

Adult Card Game

This is one of those gifts that are perfect for people that like to gather family and friends together! There are TONS of adult card games out there for different kinds of occasions and groups of people. One of my favorites that’s very millennial-ish  is this “New phone who dis??” card game.

Basically you have to pick the funniest card that matches with the drawn card that would be the next text message. Hopefully that makes sense! Basically there are tons of new card games out there that are targeted to millennials, their friends and family and they are really popular!

Portable Grill

Ok so this may or may not be in my outstanding list of gifts that I secretly want but forget to ask for. This is a great gift for a 20-something like likes to camp or just enjoys a good barbecue on the go! It’s super easy too, even for someone that is not an expert BBQ-er! All you have to do is throw in some charcoal and light the baby up! You’ll have five burgers in minutes.

Not to mention how PERFECT this gift is for someone that has a camper, or is planning on doing a road trip sometime in the future.

Flight Gift Card

You can get this from pretty much any airline, but I have added the Delta link for your reference. 20-somethings are shifting gears from investing their money in houses or material things to experiences! We love to travel and explore, the only limitation is time and money! What a great way to help them get to know different cultures and to encourage being adventurous!

Experiences, not material things.

I can’t say that’s for every single 20-something, and of course we will never say no to money or prepaid cards. But if you’re looking to show that you put a little bit more thought into your 20-something’s gift, these are some of my top choices for you! Other than the indoor plants, all of the other suggestions have to do with HOW and with WHO we can use the gift with!

Millennials value experiences more than any generation before, and I think keeping that in mind will guide you in finding the perfect gift for them.


Did you end up getting any of these gifts for the 20-something in your life? Did you buy anything NOT on this list that your something absolutely loved? I’d love to hear it!




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