My Aloe Vera plant is what first got me into plants, and I’m so thankful that it was this plant. After two+ years of really getting into plants and establishing a loving relationship with them, aka not killing them after 1 month, I still think that aloe vera plants are the easiest to take care of, and offer great benefits for you to use topically, and to have in the same room as you.

My goal is for you to learn how easy it is to care for the aloe vera plant. She is always green, never too thirsty, and can help heal your imperfections. How perfect does she sound? Here are two spoilers upfront: You will only need to water the plant once every 1-2 weeks and you can share baby aloe vera plants created from the mother plant by not even trying.

Read more to find our how to care for the aloe vera plant!

Believe it or not, there are only TWO  things you will need to take an aloe vera plant under your wing.

  1. Pot with drainage holes
  2. Well-draining succulent soil

They are super low maintenance and can grow like crazy with little to no care. Once you choose an aloe vera plant make sure you get well draining soil and a pot with drainage holes. Aloe Vera plants are used to being in climates with little to no water, so it’s totally ok to neglect them and not water them too much. They need a pot with drainage holes so that allll of the water  can be drained to prevent root rot . Root rot is plant language for stunted growth and death so we want to avoid this at all costs.


With your plant-home and soil, you are ready to get into a routine to care for your new aloe vera plant! Here’s how you can do it.

Once your plant is planted in its pot with its drainage hole, lightly water the plant and stop when you see the water starting to drip from the bottom of the pot. Keep in mind that less water is more for the aloe vera plant. After you initially water it, give it 1-2 weeks to check to see if the soil has dried up. You can do this by putting your finger in the dirt about 1 inch deep and feel if the soil is still wet from your previous water. If it is, check back in another week. If it’s dry and there’s no dirt on your finger, go ahead and water it until you see the water dripping from the bottom.

After 3-4 times of watering you’ll get a good idea of how long exactly your plant takes to dry up.

When it comes to sunlight, the aloe vera plant is supeer flexible! It does well in partial shade, bright indirect light, and even no light. But I will say if it does have at least partial sun the mother plant creates the babies quicker and the babies are super cute and fun to share so I would recommend putting it in partial shade to start off with!

Observe and listen to your aloe vera plant.   

You can tell the health of the plant by looking at its leaves thickness, color and the moisture of the soil. If the plant is turning a dark green, it needs more sunlight. If the leaves are thin and droopy, it needs water (but remember not to overwater!) even after one rinse you will be able to see a difference in its health. Just make sure to check back until its back to its bright green thick leaves.

And…. that’s it! REALLY as far as caring for the plant. Now onto the sharing babies part…. I’ve noticed that aloe vera plants propagates itself easily and relatively quickly! By that I mean that after some time of decent sun exposure, you’ll start to see mini- aloe vera surround the main plant. you don’t need to do anything different, just give it the same love and care you give the momma! After you initially see the baby plant, give it another month to grow longer roots. After that you can gently tug at the bottom of the plant to pull it from the mom’s roots. Be gentle!

And repot to a cute new pot, and share with a friend! Its such a fun free gift and so thoughtful too. And don’t worry… new babies will grow back very soon so you can keep the giving going!

If the easy process didn’t convince you enough let me lay down the deal here. Aloe vera plants are super easy to care, and barely require your love and affection (although much appreciated!). They also liven up the room as a decoration and you can even use it in your daily routine! There are so many benefits and great qualities about this plant. Give it a shot and find one at your local convenience store or Amazon!


What’s your favorite plant?


Cio, xoxo


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