There are SO many kinds of plants some of you who don’t much about them are probably like what is with everyone having plants? Indoors? That’s too much work.


But you’d be surprised! Maybe I’m just an earth child but having plants so close to me and in basically every room I’m in has changed my life! Plants are beneficial for your environment (purify the air), your mental health, and I mean who doesn’t get happy when they look at a well- taken care of plant?


Aloe Vera is one of those plants that is not only gorgeous, but its also a very useful plant that you can use its properties as a healing agent or as a natural product in your skin/ hair routine.


How to use the gel from the Aloe Vera plant:

1. Check to see that the plant is matured and has thick leaves filled with gel (you can gently press your thumb and index finger to measure the thickness)


2. Cut the leave from the Mother plant using a knife. Try cutting as close to the plant as possible. Don’t worry the leave will re-grow!


3. You may notice a yellow fluid start to drip off. Put the leaf over the sink and let the fluid drip and rinse the plant with running water

4. Cut the spiky parts (thorns) on both sides of the leaf


5. While holding down the plant carefully with one hand, use the other hand to cut open the leaf. You will do this by taking a knife and putting it in between the plant, which will be split in half.


6. Either cut the plant into pieces so you can use it to rub directly, or scrape off the gel and put it in a blender so that it can form a liquid substance. I usually just cut it into pieces and apply it directly on my body!

That’s all you have to do to achieve nourished and clear skin!


** I would not suggest eating it!! **

I promise you it doesn’t taste good LOL. Keep reading to learn how you can use the aloe Vera plant in your daily routine, or if you feel like treating yourself to a home-made spa day!


How can you use the Aloe Vera plant on a daily basis?

For your skin


After being in the Florida sun for a couple of hours I can literally feel my skin radiating heat and I have olive skin. The sun is not good in general for our skin, so we should always use sunscreen and protection when we can! I love tanning and being at the beach/ pool in my free time so this plant comes in clutch.

Aloe Vera contains a healing gel that once applied on your skin it feels refreshing, cool, soothing and nourishing. It’s amazing and if you have one plant they propagate so easily that you don’t ever have to spend money on after-sun care and its a natural product with NO added chemicals!

I also use aloe Vera when I feel like giving myself a spa day with my skin. You literally go through the process above on using the aloe Vera gel, cut it up into pieces and rub the aloe Vera piece all over your skin.

Did I mention aloe vera is great for all types of skin?

Some benefits the gel brings to your skin include reducing the appearance of skin pigmentation, moisturizer, healing pimples, slowing down aging skin, and minor cuts and burns.

For your hair

As most of you know, your scalp also needs to be nourished and hydrated to promote health hair growth. Aloe Vera works wonders for your hair! Before washing your hair apply the gel to your scalp and massage it in. This will promote hair growth!

It also acts as a dandruff repellent if you mix it with a couple drops of lemon. Also apply before the shower and wash your hair as normal.


I have about 4 aloe Vera plants spread out around my apartment, I’m pretty obsessed. But can you blame me? It’s amazing to me that something that grows from the soil can create a gel that our skin needs and craves!

If Egyptians used this “plant of eternity” 6,000 years ago and promised that it would lead to beauty, health and immortality… I’m not going to question it… and neither should you! 🙂 You can have your very own aloe vera plant  delivered to you in a cute little pot or if you already have a pot you can buy the plant by itself.

Remember once you buy one plant, you won’t ever have to buy one again because they propagate (make new baby plants) with very little effort!

If you guys would like to get more tips and recipes, or to learn more about other plants let me know!!

Ciao xoxo

4 thoughts on “How to use the aloe vera plant in your daily routine

  1. The aloe vera plant is so amazing. I truly appreciate your thorough breakdown on how to use it in it’s live form. Many of us buy aloe vera in that has already been processed, but it’s nice to see what one can actually do with the plant itself.


    1. Absolutely! Aloe vera plants can be used in so many different ways…. for your hair, skin, and even to heal burns and scars that would take chemical-based products months or even years to fully recover.

      I would highly recommend buying an organic aloe vera plant so that you can grow a big one in your home. I promise you won’t regret it, and the leaves always grow back so it is an endless supply of “medicine”!

  2. Hi,
    I enjoyed reading your article. Really informative.
    I wonder, How do you protect it from the climate in your place which is different from its natural habitat?
    I didn’t know that Aloe Vera was also planted on Egyp, even as a plant of Enternity. Here in Indonesia, we can drink it every day, good for growth and smooth skin. I’m glad you like it so much and thanks for sharing it.

    All the best,
    Sylvia Yuchinta

    1. Hi Sylvia!

      Aloe vera is a very strong plant, and it adapts great both indoors and outdoors here in Florida! I keep mine inside in the shade with some indirect bright light and it’s very happy!

      It prefers humid air compared to dry cold air so it’s perfect for growing outside in a spot that’s 1/2 shade 1/2 bright light throughout the day. 🙂

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