I just came back from my trip to Denver after visiting a friend, and I had to share some of the activities (both solo and with my friend) that I experienced there. I am already looking forward to going back, especially to the Red Rocks Park/ Ampitheatre for a concert there.

The friend that I visited is super low-key, and he even said that I go out way more than he does, which not so much true anymore, but it was true about 6 months ago… That being said I found myself exploring and venturing off on my own and was able to come accross little treasures and such genuinely kind people.

Below I’m going to share some of things to do in Denver, Colorado. I’d love to know if you’ve visited any of the same places, or if you have any others you can recommend to myself and readers. I am forsure going back hopefully sooner rather than later, so any and all suggestions that would allow me to get to know Denver better would be appreciated!! 🙂

Red Rocks Park/ Ampitheatre

If you haven’t been to Denver before this is a MUST see!!! People travel from all around the world to go to concerts here, so ideally you will be in town for a concert. I personally did not know the artist that was performing when I went the other weekend so I just went to check out the vibe. SOO WORTH IT! It just feels so majestic being surrounded by beautiful red rock. It was nothing like I’ve experienced before.

When you go, there are multiple parking options and it’s free! So find a spot and go around exploring. There are various routes around the park so feel free to explore.

Keep in mind that they do close a little bit earlier when there’s a concert that day. I went on a Saturday, and they were starting the show at 5PM, so they started kicking people out at 1PM. They do a good job of sharing the hours on the website which I will share here.

Union Station

I spent more time here than I planned to, yet I still don’t feel like I fully explored Union Station. Yes it is a bus/ train station, but it is so much more than that… Depending where you you walk in from, you’ll see that there’s a whole side with the bar and seating on the outside. It makes it feel like it’s a lounge and everyone is hanging out, rather than just a meeting point to travel.

It was the classiest train/bus station I ever done seen!

I made it a point to have brunch at this highly rated restaurant called Snooze, An AM Eatery. Yes.. you will spend around $30 for brunch but it’s so worth the splurge! I got a breakfast cocktail and no one even judged me. It was great. I would highly recommend the Dirty Chai!

To eat I got a Bella! Bella! Benny. with avacado on the side. It was toasted ciabatta with prosciutto slices, hollandaise, cheese, poached egg all with balsamic glaze and arugula!!!!!!!

If you’re not there for brunch there are plenty of other options for you to entertain but I would highly recommend Snooze if you’re looking for a good brunch before your trip.

 Larimer Street

Larimer Street is a trendy- artistic/ ecentric street with cute shops, coffee shops, bars, and places to eat. I walked down this street probably like 4 times throughout my trip, because it always had such cute places to go to and it was walking distance from the place I was staying in Downtown Denver. Here are a few of my favorite places:

Modern Nomad —

I found this place because I wanted to explore this cute plant shop. I didn’t realize it was in this modern warehouse with plenty of other trendy things to look at! I visted ReRoot to find my Monstera cutting of my dreams! It’s in the back left corner. Spot the plants and you’re there! There were even cute plant tools, books and decorations. As a plant lover I was so obsessed and might’ve circled the little corner like 5 times before checking out.

Port Side

This was another really yummy breakfast place and their coffee brought my soul back to life my first day after dealing with the change of altitude. It’s a small little coffee shop, but the guys that work there are really friendly and there’s outside seating. No worries… I even took a basic food pic for you guys. I got the avocado toast and ‘Drip to stay’ coffee (free refills!), and my friend got the yogurt. We didn’t leave one piece or drop when we left.

The Denver Central Market

I didn’t eat here, but I did step in the warm up and walk around to see what was in there. it seems like it’s a pretty popular place for locals, because it is centrally located and it is a food-hall like setting with various places to eat. I passed by a bakery, an icecream shop, an oyster bar, and an italian place. All of these are quick-eats, but there are plenty of tables for you to sit with friends, or even yourself for a mid-day coffee.

The best part is that they’re all local vendors!

Coors Brewing Company in Golden, CO

So I’ll be honest here, I almost didn’t go to this. BECAUSE… there is a line outside. And the sun was BEAMIN’ that day. I went here right after The Red Rocks Ampitheatre, I believe it was only like 15 minutes away from the park and 20 minutes to Denver so totally doable even if you have to Uber!

I’m happy to say that I’m really glad I waited the 45-ish minutes. It’s a self-guided tour, and you have the option to use a old-school looking cell phone to listen to each area of the tour. You actually learn alot from it anddddd the best part is that you get a free sample, and two FULL free glasses of Coors beer. AND you get a free souvineer cup. All this for $10? I’m sooo about it.

If you haven’t been to Denver, you need to.

I absolutely loved Denver and am happy to share any recommendations if anyone is planning on visiting, or if you have been to the places above I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you’ve found any other cute spots in the area. The list above is not everything you can do in Denver, but they are all budget- friendly activities that allows you to explore a little bit of Denver’s culture.

It was a beautiful city that still had the laid-back personality of a mountain town. I already can’t wait to go back and continue exploring this beautiful town!

Let me know your thoughts on my recommendations, and please share more!


Ciao! Xoxo


10 thoughts on “Things to do in Denver, Colorado

  1. Great post!
    I have been to Denver a few times but mostly to different places than where you went.
    I have been to Union Station, which is the nicest bus/train station I have ever been to. I love how you can take the Light Rail to so many places around Denver, even to the airport.
    Snooze sounds like a place I will try next time!
    You should try the Tattered cover book store that is near Union Station because there is a lot of cool stuff in the store but there is also a lot around this store too.
    Illegal Pete’s has tasty food too such as burritos and tacos. There are a few of these restaurants in Denver.
    You can always check out a baseball game at Coors Field, which is a fun experience.
    The Denver Zoo has some interesting things to see such as polar bears, sea lions, tigers and cheetahs. This can be a great place to explore.
    I will go to the Red Rocks Park next time because it sounds very cool.
    My dad lives in Denver so that is why I mainly keep going back. But Denver is a very cool city that does have a laid back feel.
    Thanks for all the great recommendations!

    1. Thanks for sharing Jesse! Denver is such a cool place, with your Dad being there you should take advantage of that and visit more often! I did see the book store at the Union Station (if I’m not mistaken it was right across from Snooze) I just didn’t get a chance to stop in. I wish that Florida had as good public transportation options as Denver, it was so easy to get around even as a first time visitor.

  2. Great article! I love Denver, CO. It is a day’s drive from where I live in Texas. As a roller coaster and theme park enthusiast, I love Lakeside Park, a charming old fashioned art deco amusement park which has been there since 1908 and Elitch Gardens.
    Thanks for sharing – can’t wait to go back up to Denver again!

    1. Oh cool I didn’t even realize there was an amusement park in Denver! That would be a fun day trip next time I’m there. I wonder if it’s in the outskirts of Denver? Either way thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Although I have never been to Denver, Colorado, but through the classics in your article, if I have a chance next time I will definitely go, thank you for sharing.

  4. Have yet to visit Colorado but the Red Rocks Park/Amphitheater would be awesome to watch a concert.

    I love how adventurous you are to just go and explore on your own. That is how I love to experience new places.

    1. Seriously I can’t wait to watch a concert there! And thank you, I must admit it was a tad bit scary but I ended up having the best conversations with random people so I would highly recommend it in a safe city!

  5. Hi, there,

    I’ve never been to Denver, but I’ve been wanting to go. Some of my friends who have visited told me it’s a great place. I think I could use some of your recommendations.
    Does it always snow in the winter? I would love to see the snow, but I don’t want to be cold the whole time lol.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. The whether in Denver is very unpredictable… I was in a thin turtleneck top on Saturday and I was really hot. The next day I woke up to snow! I think in the later months of the year like November and December there’s probably alot more snow. I would recommend going in October or in the summer months 🙂

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